Do you like shooting as much as I do? But don`t think I`m being aggressive. Not that at all. I like to shoot targets. And I fell in love with shooting for me when my then ex-boyfriend took me my airsoft. I`m sure you know the airsoft game. It`s also a gun game. It is, however, a rather quiet and worthy game, which is very entertaining and also suitable for children. Right back for little kids, but for kids from the age of fifteen. I think it is the airsoft that prepares children for the harsh realities of the world. The world today is really complicated, so I`m not surprised kids want to experience some adrenaline and some fun, too.

The shooting is very interesting moment.

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How about if you tried some experiences? I think this is where they teach you to shoot great and hold a gun. Well, at least that`s what they taught me. I, when I was first there, had never held a gun before. So, I was absolutely happy to be taught there how to hold a gun and how to shoot or how to shoot and aim correctly at a target. And I really enjoyed it, and I know I haven`t been in this one for the last time. And I want to go here a few more times because I`m having a lot of fun and it`s a great adrenaline rush for everybody. I don`t think you`re going to make a mistake coming here at least once.